Kenya signs post-brexit trade agreement with the UK

Posted on Fri 11 December 2020 in Trade • Tagged with UK, Kenya, East African Community, EAC, East Africa

UK Kenya Flag

The UK has today (Tuesday 8 December) signed an Economic Partnership Agreement with Kenya. The deal was signed in London by International Trade Minister Ranil Jayawardena and Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Trade, Minister Betty Maina.

This trade agreement will ensure that all companies operating in Kenya, including British businesses …

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Ethiopia's troubled history provides clues to why an all-out civil war is possible

Posted on Wed 11 November 2020 in Africa • Tagged with Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, Tigray, Tigray People's Liberation Front, Oromo

A man enters a polling station for Tigray’s regional elections, which Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed deemed illegal. EDUARDO SOTERAS/AFP via Getty Images

Francesca Baldwin, University of Reading and Heike I Schmidt, University of Reading

Ethiopia’s government, under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, is carrying out a military offensive …

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