National Assembly Of Shame (Senate)

Posted on Mon 22 July 2013 in Nigeria

Last week, Nigeria’s Senate House approved a motion backing underage marriage ( The approvals are not yet law, as they have to be adopted by the House of Representatives, and at least 24 state Houses of Assembly.)

The proponent of this perverted motion is of course Senator Yerima, a former Governor of  Zamfara State whose marriage to a 13-year-old girl drew widespread outrage in 2009. According to news reports, he literally pushed and pressed for the Senate house to adopt the motion, if he was in any other civilised western country, he would be branded a pervert. This is a shameful motion and it should never have passed the floor of the Senate.

But Senator Yerima wasn’t alone in backing this motion, thanks to SunNews Online, we now have a list of all the pervertsSenators who backed the motion:

  1. Sen. Abdulmumin M. Hassan (Jigawa South West, PDP)
  2. Sen. Abdullahi Danladi (Jigawa North West, PDP)
  3. Sen. Adamu Abdullahi (Nasarawa West, PDP)
  4. Sen. Ahmed Barata (Adamawa South, PDP)
  5. Sen. Akinyelure Ayo (Ondo Central, Labour Party)
  6. Sen. Alkali Saidu A. (Gombe North, PDP)
  7. Sen. Bagudu Abubakar A. (Kebbi Central, PDP)
  8. Sen. Dahiru Umaru (Sokoto South, PDP)
  9. Sen. Galaudu Isa (Kebbi North, PDP)
  10. Sen. Garba Gamawa (Bauchi North, PDP)
  11. Sen. Danjuma Goje Mohammed (Gombe Central, PDP)
  12. Sen. Gobir Ibrahim (Sokoto East, PDP)
  13. Sen. Gumba Adamu Ibrahim (Bauchi South, PDP)
  14. Sen. Hadi Sirika (Katsina North, CPC)
  15. Sen. Ibrahim Bukar Abba (Yobe East, ANPP)
  16. Sen. Jajere Alkali (Yobe South, ANPP)
  17. Sen. Jibrilla Mohammed (Adamawa North, PDP)
  18. Sen. Kabiru Gaya (Kano South, ANPP)
  19. Sen. Lafiagi Mohammed (Kwara North, PDP)
  20. Sen. Lawan Ahmad (Yobe North, ANPP)
  21. Sen. Maccido Mohammed (Sokoto North, PDP)
  22. Sen. Musa Ibrahim (Niger North, CPC)
  23. Sen. Ndume Mohammed Ali (Borno South, PDP)
  24. Sen. Sadiq A. Yaradua (Katsina Central, CPC)
  25. Sen. Saleh Mohammed (Kaduna Central, CPC)
  26. Sen. Tukur Bello (Adamawa Central, PDP)
  27. Sen. Ugbesia Odion (Edo Central, PDP)
  28. Sen. Umar Abubakar (Taraba Central, PDP)
  29. Sen. Usman Abdulaziz (Jigawa North East, PDP)
  30. Sen. Ya’au Sahabi (Zamfara North, PDP)
  31. Sen. Zannah Ahmed (Borno Central, PDP)
  32. Sen. Ahmad Rufai Sani (Zamfara West, ANPP)
  33. Sen. Ahmad Abdul Ningi (Bauchi Central, PDP)
  34. Sen. Bello Hayatu Gwano (Kano North, PDP)
  35. Sen. Ibrahim Abu (Katsina South, CPC)

The head-pervert himself is no 32 on the list, Alhaji Ahmed Rufai Sani Yerima , we hope the House of Representatives will toss this piece of crap legislation out of the door so that common sense and decency can prevail