Corrupt African Leaders Pt. 1

Posted on Mon 11 July 2016 in Africa

dos santos

Another African leader gives a member of his family a highly lucrative and powerful position in his government and it isn't the usual suspect (looking at you Mugabe). Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos who has been in power since 1979 decided to put his daughter Isabel dos Santos in charge of the state energy company Sonangol.

Putting aside the fact that Santos has been in power for more than three decades and has enriched himself immeasurably, putting his daughter who by the way is a billionaire and rated by Forbes as one the richest women in Africa as head of a very important state run company is surely a slap in the face to the millions of Angolans who are better suited and more qualified for the position.

To say that José Eduardo dos Santos is corrupt would be stating the obvious, when President Obama gave his maiden speech in July 2015 to the African Union body in Addis Ababa, and he warned African leaders of the pitfalls of a leader refusing to step down once his or her term has ended, I'm sure most of the African leaders in attendance will be shifting nervously in their seats during the speech.

It's time for Africans to start tasking their leaders on the need to ensure that proper democratic norms are being adhered to so as to restore confidence and give credibility to the democratic process.