Some thoughts on the current state of affairs in Nigeria (economy)

Posted on Mon 06 June 2016 in Nigeria

As the saying goes, "It's the economy, stupid", what's the point of fighting corruption if there's no jobs with an economy that is mired in recession?

President Buhari came to power pledging to end the scourge of Boko Haram and also fight against endemic corruption in Nigeria. He missed out on one crucial bit, the economy. The numbers speak for themselves, since Buhari and his APC party came to power, it has been downhill for the economy.

Buhari-Economy Source:Bloomberg

Notice anything?, Nigeria's economy is now technically if not officially in recession and unless the government gets its act together, the coming months are going to be long and difficult for millions of Nigerians.

No one is saying the President shouldn’t fight corruption, what we are saying is that the economy should be a top priority for Buhari's administration. When Nigerians in their millions voted for change from a shambolic and corrupt government led by former President Goodluck Jonathan, few expected the economy to be on its knees in just under a year.

There is still lots of goodwill from Nigerians including this website towards the Buhari government, but our loyalty and that of millions of Nigerians has been severely tested these past couple of months.