COVID-19: examining theories for Africa’s low death rates

Posted on Fri 09 October 2020 in COVID-19 • Tagged with Africa, pandemic, coronavirus, science, public health, vaccines

SARS-CoV-2 without background

Kevin Marsh, University of Oxford and Moses Alobo, African Academy of Sciences

As the threat of a COVID-19 pandemic emerged earlier this year, many felt a sense of apprehension about what would happen when it reached Africa. Concerns over the combination of overstretched and underfunded health systems and the existing …

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New UK science funding to support Kenya’s coronavirus response

Posted on Thu 06 August 2020 in Science • Tagged with UK, Kenya, Coronavirus, Science Research, UK Science, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust, Kenya MOH

Kenya Science Lab

The UK announced support for innovative scientific research that will help individual Kenyan scientists detect coronavirus antibodies in blood donors, visitors to ante-natal care clinics and healthcare workers. The programme will help monitor, understand and inform the ongoing coronavirus response in Kenya and provide learnings for similar countries in responding …

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