The Promise and Peril of Nigeria’s 2023 Elections

Posted on Tue 27 December 2022 in Nigeria • Tagged with Buhari, INEC, Elections, PVC, PDP, APC, Obi, Atiku, Tinubu

Buhari's Military Past

Michelle Gavin, The Council on Foreign Relations

Nigeria’s 2023 general election is just weeks away. With incumbent President Mohammadu Buhari term-limited, the country will be choosing a new leader. That new president will immediately confront an exhausting array of challenges, from multiple, complex security crises to a disastrously mismanaged …

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What Went Wrong With Kenya’s Elections?

Posted on Mon 06 November 2017 in Africa • Tagged with Kenya, elections, Kenyatta, Odinga

Kenya Election Posters

John Campbell, The Council on Foreign Relations

In the decade leading up to the 2017 election cycle, Kenya was on a positive democratic trajectory. The country has been on the front line in the fight against international terrorism, providing significant military assets for the struggle against al-Shabab in Somalia. It …

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