Israel-Palestine conflict divides South African politicians – what their responses reveal about historical alliances

Posted on Mon 16 October 2023 in Middle-East • Tagged with Israel, Palestine, South Africa, Gaza, West Bank, ANC, African National Congress, Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF, DA, Democratic Alliance, PLO, Apartheid

Asher Lubotzky, University of Houston

Hamas’ brazen and deadly attack on Israel on October 7 elicited varied responses within the South African political scene. These diverse reactions reflect the long history, since before democracy in 1994, of South African engagement with the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The conflict holds symbolic significance for …

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Employed but still poor: the state of low-wage working poverty in South Africa

Posted on Tue 11 June 2019 in Africa • Tagged with South Africa, poverty, low wages, working poor

Low-wage poverty is highly associated with unstable work such as in the informal sector. Shutterstock

Derek Yu, University of the Western Cape

Paid employment is generally considered the predominant and most sustainable way of pulling people out of poverty. But the past two decades have seen a global rise in …

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