Why Rwanda’s development model wouldn’t work elsewhere in Africa

Posted on Tue 09 January 2018 in Africa • Tagged with Rwanda, development, Kenya, economic growth, Paul Kagame, Chad, Angola, Zimbabwe, African Politics

Nic Cheeseman, University of Birmingham

File 20180105 26142 cm4fig.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
Paul Kagame has exercised firm personal control over Rwanda’s politics since becoming president in 2000. EPA/Phillip Guelland

Rwanda is often touted as an example of what African states could achieve if only they were better governed. Out of the ashes of a horrific …

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Corrupt African Leaders Pt. 1

Posted on Mon 11 July 2016 in Africa • Tagged with Angola, corruption, news, José Eduardo dos Santos, Isabel dos Santos, Sonangol, Mugabe

dos santos

Another African leader gives a member of his family a highly lucrative and powerful position in his government and it isn't the usual suspect (looking at you Mugabe). Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos who has been in power since 1979 decided to put his daughter Isabel dos Santos in …

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